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  • Headlight restorer kit
  • >Removes oxidation repairing faded headlights
  • >Restores cloudy, yellowed and dull lenses
  • >Removes dead and faded plastic to reveal the crystal-clear plastic underneath.
  • >With this product any faded and foggy headlight can be restored for optical clarity.
  • >Simply Rub on and Wipe off


  • Package Includes:
  • > 4oz bottle of headlight restorer
  • > 10ML Sealant
  • > 1 Applicator pad
  • > With 4 oz bottle you can clean up to 3 cars



  • How to use?
  • clean surface
  • Shake well
  • pour a small amount onto the applicator pad.
  • Using a circular motion, apply to a small section at a time.
  • Let it work for 3 minutes then start rub on
  • Let dry and wipe off with clean dry microfiber towel.


  • For Headlights That Won’t Come Clean
  • Sand off stubborn headlight haze with 2500 grit wet sandpaper
  • Apply 3 – 6 dots of Headlight Restorer to a light polishing pad
  • work over the part on speed setting 4 – 6 with a Dual Action Polisher
  • or up to 1800 RPMs on a rotary polisher.



  • Note: will not work with headlights with clear coat spray
  • you must remove it using sandpaper before use this product
  • We do not recomend to use spray clear, don’t use it, will save you time and $$
  • Use final finish sealant or Ceramic Coating to protect the headlights



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